May 13

Up Up And Away


It wasn’t even clear to me that I had actually taken the above photo. I saw the plane coming (planes from DUS go over Velbert regularly) and thought I could take a pic (I love to take pics of planes…) but I was completely blinded by the sun, couldn’t see anything on the display, and was sure that I had never hit the camera button. Only when I wanted to edit the next photo, I saw that I HAD obviously taken a plane pic without realizing it. And while the plane is rather small, I still think the pic is nice. And all that by pure accident 😉


This, dear readers, is the hood of my car. Yes the photo is edited to black and white, but you might get an idea of how filthy that car looks at the moment. Problem is the stupid pollen. They are EVERYWHERE right now. All that yellow-ish dust everywhere. It’s awful. I love May but I had the pollen problem. Thank God, at least, I don’t have to deal with hayfever anymore.

It was me who drew that smiley into the dust 🙂

Yes I will need to take him to the car wash, but not yet. Because if I clean him today, he’ll look filthy again tomorrow.


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