May 6

“The Richest Man Meets His Troubled Gang”

So here we are: celebrating the birthday of my dearest, loveliest and most wonderful BFF who will also be this year’s host of our 2nd annual #LeeMacDougall Streetteam Meeting. The motto this time: see the header. 🙂

First off… the birthday table. Presents had to be opened in an almost kind of hurry (at least compared to other birthdays) because a tight schedule needed to be kept. Still so much to do, and so little time.


While S and her Dad were out picking up the benches and tables, I was out picking up the ordered food and adding the last touches to the salads. When I brought everything over, the backyard looked ready for the party to begin.


And we were so perfectly on time with everything that it was almost unreal. You know how you always wonder if you’ve forgotten something and then in the end it turns out you actually have? Or that something is coming between your perfectly planned out schedule and f-cks everything up? While me – the Worrier Extraordinaire – was constantly waiting for somthing like that, nothing ever happened. It was too good to be true, but that’s how it went.

And now, while the backyard was set and everything was ready, all we had to do was jump into the car and drive to Düsseldorf Airport (DUS). Lee’s plane from Vienna was supposed to touch down at 15:00h and it did with about 8 minutes delay.


But then he finally came out and it almost felt like if he had never been away. Dropped him off at the hotel in Velbert, then I dropped S off at home and went back to my place to get showered and dressed. Picked up Lee again at the hotel around 18:00h and then the party could begin.

Not only were including us 8 ST members in attendance, but also S’s personal birthday guests who had never seen Lee playing… two of them had not even heard a single song by him before. But – no exception to that rule – everyone loved his performance, be it his own songs ore a great mix of cover songs. After a bit more than an hour the official part was over and he mingled with the guests. A wonderful time was had by all!

The Artist



The Food


Veggie Schnitzel (yes we had two veggies in the group) and homemade brownies (my our ST member J)

Meetballs (or I guess they are called hamburgers in the English speaking world?), regular pork Schnitzel, herb-garlic butter and veggie pasta salad in the back.

IMG_6912-2Tortellini salad (left), regular pasta salad (right) potato salad Turkish style in the background.


I made those little signs and put them next to each food item. Marked those that were veggie style. I also put “100% cheese-free” on every single one as a running joke for our Artist who is the biggest cheese hater on the planet and beyond 😉



I haven’t taken so many photos… S has some more, as well as her Dad. But I don’t have them yet. So that’s all I can post for now.

It was such a lovely evening… can’t wait for the next one. At least another one of our members wants to celebrate her 40th birthday in December and has already hired Lee to play for her, so… 7 months to go! 🙂

#leemacdougall #lmdstreetteamde #birthdayparty #awesome #funtimes #Leemacdougallstreetteamgermany



2 thoughts on “May 6

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Ok I’m back! Hi!

    Love the wrapping paper but sure would be nice to know what the presenrs were. (Seriously? I just got settled in with the laptop to comment on your blog and the display starts dimming to let me know it’s time to charge? Ugh. Ok laptop, dear. Just let me finish one reply at least.)

    Love the little flower pots on the steps. Whose idea was that? I would never have thought of it.

    The backyard looks so nice and festive? Did you invite the neighbors? Or at least send them all a note warning them? My neighbors always either invite everyone over or else leave a note and say “If we get too noisy, please call or text me! Here’s my cell phone number.”

    Which one of you took a drink out of his red cup before washing it? Or has it remained unwashed and will for all eternity

    Hmmm…those brownies look iike the cakey kind vs the delicious fudgy kind. Woud you say they were more cakey or fudgy? If the baker might see this blog I will understand if you say NO COMMENT.

    Hamburger patties and no buns or condiments to put on them. You Germans are very strange. 😛

    WHAT IS TURKISH STYLE POTATO SALAD??????????? I want all those salads. I love potato and pasta salads.

    What’s in the tubes?

    I like the turquoise silverware holder.

    Love the candles on the steps.

    What a lovely, perfect birthday party!!

    But no cake & ice cream, right? Hee hee hee.



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