May 14

A Lot of Flair at Flair Modesalöngchen

When we were first met, she was 3 and I was 5 years young. We were neighbors and were only separated by a fence that was the border between her home ground and mine. But the fence couldn’t seperate us for long and we became inseparable for many many years to come. We were the bestest and closest friends!

But then it happened, what usually happens in life… you get older, you have different plans and life just goes on into different directions. And while we don’t see each other that often now and live more than 120 kilometers apart, it doesn’t mean that we ever really lost sight of each other. The friendship lived and and will live on forever!

And when I heard that my dear friend celebrated the grand opening of her fashion boutique “Flair Modesalöngchen” in Aachen, it was no question to drive over and celebrate with her.

To be honest… I wasn’t expecting to find something that would fit. You know these typical boutiques where only the S-sized girls find something fashionable. But Flair is refreshingly different. Even for the X+ sized among us there are plenty cool and un-Mommy-like items to find. And even at very decent prices. What a gem! 🙂

If you are ever in Aachen, please check out all the great stuff at Flair. Not only clothes but also accessories, jewlery and even deco stuff. It’s all there. And while you’re here, say hi from me 🙂

Flair Modesalöngchen
Schlossstr. 4
52066 Aachen
Flair on Facebook



2 thoughts on “May 14

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    I looooooooooooove the stuff in her shop. How did she come up with the idea to open a shop? How did she come up with the money? The name of the shop? The ideas for what to put inside it. How does one even know how to go about such a business venture? I’m in awe of her. I hope it’s a great success!!!!


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