May 15

It’s Cap Time


As I had already told you in another post a while back, I had bought the first two Captain America movies on DVD in order to rewatch them before seeing the latest installment: Captain America: Civil War.

Which is what S and I did this Sunday, before heading to the CinemaxX in Mülheim. That was a good idea because it was already a while ago since we had seen both movies and we had forgotten the one or other detail.

Of course the expectations for part 3 were VERY high. We’re both big Avengers fans, have loved all the movies around that franchise so far – be it the ones with all the Avengers or the stand-alone movies of e.g. Cap or Thor or Iron Man.

There was also a big hype around the latest Cap movie. Many critics said this was almost like an Avengers movie, rather than a stand-alone Cap movie. Yeah… of course one could see it that way because apart from Hulk and Thor, everyone else made an appearance, but then the story was very much centered around Cap, Bucky and of course Iron Man and his … let’s say argument… with Cap. Which results in the two fighting against each other. And for those of us who are very much into the whole thing and these characters, it was hard to watch and kind of difficult to choose a “team”. Somehow, both of them had valid points… yet I couldn’t help but side with Cap’s much more. And it was heartbreaking to see them fight so hard.

I won’t spoil anything here of course. Let’s just say, if you’re a Marvel/Avengers fan per se, you probably have seen the movie anyway and know which side you’re on. If you are a fan and haven’t seen it yet – what the f-ck are you waiting for???

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