May 17

To Stink Or Not To Stink – That Is The Question

No, this isn’t to make an advertisement for Rexona anti-persiprant… although it is my brand of choice for years now. The reason why this ended up as my Photo Of The Day is… excuse me if it’s getting a bit gross now… because I forgot to apply it this morning.

I was quite in a hurry… was running late… and so I took a quick shower and got dressed very quickly too… and it was only when I arrived at the office – on time at least, thank God – and was a bit sweaty, that I realized… yeah. Exactly that. Now it’s not that if you are freshly showered and forget to put on deo, that you get stinky after an hour. Especially not when there’s “normal” temperatures outside and not broiling thirty degrees or something.

But still, for me, there’s that unrelaxed feeling for the rest of the day. Whenever I hurried up and down the long office hall or up/down the stairs and it got a bit warm in the too warm sweater I wore on that day (*eyeroll*), I was feeling uncomfortable, to say the least, and was hoping and praying that … yeah. You know what.

I guess it was okay and I saw no one standing next to me making a disgusted face ;-)… but still. First thing I did when I came home was taking a shower… and applying deo!
I know I know… there are worse problems out there and I’m sure I didn’t smell bad, but it’s all about how you feel about yourself and about having an unsafe feeling all day long.


I also finished two more coloring pages. I really like the black & white one, if I may say so.



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