May 18

Finding A Decent Bra…


… can be reeeeaaaally difficult…

The average woman has a certain band size that fits to a certain cup size. The problem begins, when you need a bit of a larger band size, but a more regular cup size. Know what I mean? Usually the bigger girls have the bigger boobs. However… if you are a “bigger girl” but have “normal” boobs and need a regular B or C cup size… Congrats – you’re f-cked!

In the end I found at least one. And no, it was of course not a Chantelle. If you have a problem like this, you can be lucky if you find one of ANY brand. You don’t even have to check the fancy brands. They only have mainstream sizes anyway.



One thought on “May 18

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Next time just go in and get measured and let them keep bringing bras to you while you sit and wait in the dressing room. Once you know your size you can just keep reordering the exact same one off of Amazon. Easy peasy.



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