May 19

Stressed! Out!


I don’t know when I have felt so stressed out the last time. The biggest problem of the day was certainly, that I got SO ANGRY about something in the office, that it practically ruined my whole day. I was SO. F-CKING. ANGRY. And on my VERY last nerve. I felt an adrenaline rush through my body so heavily that I thought it would never go back to normal. I won’t go into detail here what the problem was. You never know who’s reading things on the internet ;-).

All I’m saying is, that a certain person, who irritated the living hell out of not only me, was the reason for it. It has affected me for the rest of the day. Even my body felt tense for the rest of the day, and I really needed a hot long bath and a glass of red wine when I got home. And from there I went straight to bed.



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