May 24

Not for the vegans and vegetarians

2016-05-24 17.58.28- b.jpg

I’m neither. But I’ve cut back on eating meat very drastically a good while back. I’m not a believer in stopping to eat meat but I’m a believer in the fact that people should really think about how often they really need to eat meat and about the quality of their meat.

(I’m a very strong opponent of the vegan lifestyle though).

However: I’m eating steak … or beef/red meat in general… every once in a blue moon. I like it, but I want it to be special and not something I’m used to. I love a good steak, but eating it is the exception of the rule for me.

Today, for whatever reason, I had a MAD CRAVING for a steak. Which is very highly unusual, really. And I don’t ever recall going to the butcher to buy a steak to cook it at home, only for me.

But today was the day and I bought myself a rather large rump steak (I think the Americans call it sirloin steak), added the rest of the garlic/herbs butter from the birthday party, made a salad on the side, and thoroughly enjoyed my dinner. Wonderful!


3 thoughts on “May 24

    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      Your boss is VEGAN???

      Is he one of those people who constantly try to force their bloody vegan lifestyle onto others and are lecturing the meat eaters about being animal killers and stuff?


  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Yes he is vegan. Except when he goes to the South and gets fried chicken at a restaurant of one of our clients. Or when we have sushi at a meeting. Hahahhaha. And no. He never talks about being vegan or anything else to do with his personal life. He’s a very private person. At least with me.



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