May 26

Neandertal – The Second

We ended up taking another – this time longer – walk through the Neandertal. Plan was, to bring the large cameras. Everything was ready, but then my arm/wrist had began to hurt very badly the evening before and I found myself wearing that damn bandage again. Which makes it a bit difficult to work with a rather heavy SLR camera. And so I changed planes last minute and took the smaller Canon Powershot.

Only to find out after we had arrived, that I had to forgot to put a memory card in. DAMN!!!! So back to iPhone photographing I was. Sigh. But okay… at least the iPhone takes really decent photos.

IMG_4015Unfortunately, no four-leaf-clover was to be found.


This wisent (also known as European bison) was too shy to look into the camera 😉




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