May 27

Recycables takeout- and cleaning day

Yesterday was a state holiday, today is a so-called “bridge day” (the Friday after a holiday on a Thursday… very popular for off days!) and I was lucky to be off. It was a great opportunity to get stuff done.

IMG_4027Plastic bottles, glass bottles, paper, carton

Window cleaning time. And that was only the beginning…

The cleaning marathon ended at 22h with me completely exhausted LOL


2 thoughts on “May 27

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Thank you, dear God, that we don’t have to separate our recyclables or bag them up. My Mom has to do that, too, and they don’t take EVERY plastic bottle or EVERY glass jar or EVERY metal can. Only things with specific numbers on them. Uhhhhh no. I would never recycle anything if I had to do that. We just dump everything in the big blue bins out back and one of my neighbors halls them out to the street once a week and a big ol truck comes by and dumps it all in the back and takes it away.

    Window cleaning. Ugh. No. I do that maybe once every 5 years if I have nothing better to do.

    My Mom and her cleaning lady, Billie, washed EVERY SINGLE ONE of her windows last week. My 89 year old mother is always putting me to shame.

    LOOK AT THAT PINK BUS!!!!!!! I want a pink bus! Our buses are ugly.


    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      I don’t clean windows as often as I shoud, but definitely more often than once in 5 years. OMG imagine that!! I have really big windows in my apartment. That would be really gross LOL.
      The bus is not pink. Might appear like it in the pic, but most buses (busses?) here are red.



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