May 28

The Phantom strikes again!


After December 2014 in Hamburg and March 2016 in Oberhausen, this was the 3rd time I was going to enjoy the most wonderful musical in this world. This time with Auntie A. who came over with Uncle H., who was thankfully the driver for the day! First we drove over to the Baldeneysee in Essen that A. wanted to see so badly. We had coffee and cake at Lukas and then headed over to Oberhausen. While Uncle H. spend the time exploring the HUGE mall (CentrO), A. and I had the most wonderful afternoon at the theatre. The ticket was a birthday present from me, and also I had booked a so-called “Open Bar” ticket (that she only learned about when we arrived, it was another surprise). With that ticket you have access to a private lounge whith a reserved table and you can drink as much as you want (except Champagne, cocktails and stiff drinks like Whiskey, Vodka etc, we both had Prosecco and water). And you had your own ladie’s room there and didn’t have to use the ones for the general public, which was a nice treat as well because it meant: no long lines during the break.

I took a lot of pictures and we both had our photo taken togeter. But since I stick to the rule that I don’t post personal photos with my face in it here, nor do I post pics where you can see other people who haven’t asked to have their face posted on the net, I will only show you some other photos inside of the theater.

The Stage Club. Nice treat. The table was also still reserved for the break.



Of course it’s not allowed to take photos inside of the auditorium and especially not during the show. However… since there were no other people sitting around us, and since we were quite in the back, I managed to take some sneaky photos nevertheless. A. wants to make a photo album and I tried to take as many photos for her as possible (not constantly during the show though… only when the chandenlier went up at the beginning, during the Masquerade scene and when the actors took their bow at the end). But since it’s not forbidden to post officially displayed photos, here are at least some of those LOL

“Masqueraaaaaade! Every face a different shade… Masquerade! Look around – there’s another mask behind you!”


A.had insisted to buy me the official CD, but we took our sweet little time taking some more photos and when we went over to the shop, it was closed! GASP!!!! Some staff members told us that the shop people had lunch and would be back in one hour when the theatre would re-open for the evening show. Damn! But A said that we would definitely be back in one hour. There was no way we’d drive home without her buying me that CD! That was so sweet of her. So we went back to meet Uncle H and we ate at an Italian restaurant at the CentrO. After that we all went back to the theatre and A bought the CD for me and I bought a mug. Not that I don’t have a ton of mugs at home. But having another mug wasn’t the point, of course… 😉

So you can now officially call me a Phan (that’s what the fans of the Phantom are called :-D). Or call me obsessed. Whatever the case… I’m madly deeply in love with that musical, with the story, with the music, with the whole set-up. It’s just unbelievable! And don’t judge unless you’ve seen it with our own eyes. I was never a musical fan myself before.

Also, I’m one VERY HIGHLY emotional sentimental romantical idiot, which means I cry easily. And I always cry my eyes out when I see that beautiful musical. I can’t help it. I can’t stop it. I can’t control it. It is like it is. It touches me so very very deeply, it’s such a beautiful thing to watch and feel and embrace, that I can’t help but sob. Yes, sob! And I really don’t care if anyone thinks that’s not normal. To that I reply: to me it’s not normal, how anyone can leave the theater after watching it, with dry eyes.

Let me also add that there was a casting change in Oberhausen. It was Brett Barnett, an American, who was the Pantom the last time we saw it. And the guy was god-awful. Firstly, he sang with a very very heavy accent. So heavy that it was often difficult to understand the lyrics. The actress who plays Christine is also either American or British, and she has a slight accent, but we could understand her perfectly. Nothing like that guy. Jesus! Worse though was his voice. That wasn’t the voice of a Phantom! Not full, not expressive… nothing. We didn’t like him as Phantom at all. Also the guy who was Raoul was very medicore. This time we not only had a different – and much better – Raoul, but FINALLY, it was David Ansperger who played the Phantom. And man was he ever good! OMG! I’ve heard so many good things about him but so far we weren’t lucky enough to see him as the Phantom. Everyone who has bragged about him was spot on! That guy has the best voice for that role! Simply amazing!

Can’t believe it’s over again. The last curtain will be on September 4, 2016. After that the production will leave Germany again for who knows how long. I’m seriously considering to go again. I’m not sure if A will come again… or S… or both… or if I have to go on my own. I would even do that if absolutely necessary. That’s how much I love it!

And I’ve also read that the production in London at Her Majesty’s Theatre has extended their stay at least until March 2017. Now wouldn’t that be something? The Phantom of the Opera at its original theatre in London where it has premiered more than 25 years ago.

A girl can dream…

Until then, I still have my DVDs…

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3 thoughts on “May 28

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    So nice that you had a chauffer!
    What’s a Baldeneysee ?
    Open Bar ticket sounds PRET-ty cool.
    Gimmee the little crackers in picture #2.
    Nice reflection in the table top in picture #3.
    VERY nice of the Auntie to buy you a CD!
    Glad to hear you both had a PHANTastic time!


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