May 31

That Didn’t Last Long


So today it was the first day I used my shiny new Phantom mug at work. Shortly before going home I cleaned and dryed it. And then, without really putting on pressure or whatever, the handle broke.

😦 😦 😦

Wonder it that was a case of bad quality. Damn.

The good news is though: I’ve asked S and she didn’t even think for second before saying YES and now we have another date with the Phantom on September 4th. It’s the last show day in Germany and we’ll be seeing the matinee again. ADAC members (like AAA in the US) get 25% off the regular ticket price and I just couldn’t let that great opportunity slip 😉

(I wouldn’t rule out that I would still have gone without the 25% though).

And now I’ll shut up. I had promised to keep my Phan mouth shut for a while, right? But hey… wasn’t really my fault. I couldn’t let that oppurtunity for the Photo of the Day slip. It’s hard enough to come up with something each day anyway :-D.


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