June 3

Autumn Heart


This heart shaped leaf I saw when I walked from my car to my house today. The things you see when you walk through life with open eyes 🙂

And doesn’t it look like a fallen leaf in October? I guess it represents my wish for summer being over already and autumn being here.

Yes I’m one of those weird people who are not unhappy when summer is over again. Yes I do like long days, warm summer nights, cool drinks and the sun like the next person. As long as it is not HOT. As in… everything above 25C is unacceptable for me. I can’t deal. Not with heat, not with sweating, not with serious circulation problems on really warm days.

What I also dislike is – and now feel free to call me an idiot – summer clothes. Like… sandals, for instance. Worst kind of shoes ever. Not on other people. I like when other people wear nice sandals (as long as they take care about their feet! don’t insult my eye sight with your not or not very well maintained feet. Wanna wear sandals and flip flops? Fine. But please make sure you had a halfway decent pedi first, thank you. Ugly feet gross me out!)

Where was I? Yeah. Sandals. I hate wearing sandals. My feet can’t handle them. Neither they can handle flip-flops. My kind of shoes? Boots! Boots in all shapes and forms. I also don’t like that I can’t wear scarves in summer because it’s too bloody hot. And I can’t wear nice sweaters. Instead I have to deal with t-shirts and light pants and stuff.

Yes, of course I’m exaggerating. A bit. As I said… being out and about in nice weather is great. The thing is, that we often have weather situations that are really awful. Like… at the moment. Thunderstorms, gallons of rain, tornados (yes, tornados!). I’ve talked about it. The result: crazy humidity. Which kills me. I can’t deal with it. I feel sick in that kind of weather. I’m probably just getting old and whiney. Still. Bring on autumn already.

And the leafs look nicer in autumn anyway. 🙂


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