June 10

The Day My Life As I Knew It Ended

ER of local hospital. Was diagnosed with orthopedic problem, yet they didn’t see from the blood test, that I had a heart attack. Was sent home with the suggestion to get MRI and see an Orthopedist.

Day 1 of an untreated heart attack.


3 thoughts on “June 10

    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      The key word here is troponin. Raised troponin levels indicate cardiac muscle cell death as the molecule is released into the blood upon injury to the heart. It was VERY clearly to see. My family doc saw it RIGHT AWAY. There was nothing difficult about it to see in the test results. The ER doc was a complete idiot!!
      I asked my doc why the ECG was okay in ER and he said that if you suffer a heart attack you don’t necessarily see it on the ECG result. That may look fine. THE one indicator is the troponin in the blood test.



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