June 11

New Platforms

Bought those while being out in town for a shopping afternoon with S. While I had to walk as fast as a snail, the pain from yesterday night was gone. 

We walked around town for quite a while. I could have collapsed and died. Thank God I didn’t. 

Day 2 of an untreated heart attack. 

(S hates those kind of shoes, btw 😃)


3 thoughts on “June 11

    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      They may LOOK uncomforable, but they are not. I would never EVER wear shoes that are uncomfortable, just because they look fancy. And one can wear them each day and everywhere. They are not for special occasions.
      I know you are not a shoe nerd at all so I don’t blame you for raising an eye brow ha ha ha!!!



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