June 16


From ICU to another ward. They say that ECG, blood and other test came out good enough to leave ICU. My heart only pumps at 50% at the moment but that’s “normal” in this case and will get better over time. They tell me not to worry (sure…) and all my vital signs are good and I’m stable.

Will miss the nurses and doc in ICU though. What a great team. Felt very safe in their hands. 

Up in the non-intensive-care-ward they  put me in a room for two. Roommate is a 80+ y/o granny who is a Chatty Kathy and in my nerve rather quickly. Shut the f-ck up I have enough to do with my own misery. 

Later that evening I feel twitches on my left side. Real or paranoia? I don’t call a nurse. Instead I ask Dr Google and he tells me it’s probably harmless. Fall asleep at 3am. Thank God granny is at least not snoring. The good with the bad. 


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