June 18

Lazy Saturday

Saturdays in hospitals are rather uneventful. No examination unless its an emergency, quiet times apart from patients getting more visitors. I got visitors too. Early at 10am it was S and one of her workmates whom I happen to know, too (he was also at S’s birthday bash/Lee private show). What a nice surprise.  Also MY workmate G came over for two hours and filled the afternoon gap until dinner. (“Dinner” is served at 17h here though.) She brought a pretty flower bouquet that totally fits in color an style to S’s ☺️

Between lunch and G’s visit I began to update the blog. As IF a bloody heart attack would hold me back. I’m sure my millions of readers are already waiting!! πŸ˜† 

After dinner I went for a walk, was on the phone with S and later went on a little photo tour. So here are some photos of the day. 

matching πŸ™‚

reflection in an open window

a flock of birds artwork thingy

garbage / rubbish / waste

hallway of “Station 32”

hope I’ll never ever need it

go in, take the door on the left and you’re in my room


complaints? praises? opinions? this is your place to leave them


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