June 20

Heart Catheter #2

That a 2nd procedure would be inevitable was clear. That it would come so quickly, not. But better now while I’m still here, right?

It was long and obviously complicated, but in the end successfull, which is what counts. 


3 thoughts on “June 20

  1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    I’m afraid I don’t have the ability to use all that medical terminology to describe properly what was done. Basically they went back to that same artery where they had put the stent in the week before. There was still something to be done to that very artery but they had to wait a week after the stent placement. Doing it all in once procedure would have been too dangerous. The artery with the stent had to kind of “settle” first.

    What they did now was placing a so called balloon. Please google that, there’s plenty of explanation about these balloons. As far as I know that balloon is also covered with medicaments and – along with the stent – shall prevent that the artery will block again. Something like that.

    The problem was that it was so difficult to place because of how that artery was “built”. They had to go around a 90° corner and it didn’t work out at first. It took them 40 minutes! Which is very long from what I understand. The cardiologist who was doing the procedure later asked for help from a 2nd doc and in the end they even contacted the head cardiologist of the hospital so that he’d have a say. Meanwhile I was lying there, feeling no pain, but being horrified because I figured, things weren’t going as planned and I started worrying very much, what would happen, if they couldn’t place that damn balloon. In the end though, I was sooooooo relieved when I heard all of them say “YES! that’s it.” and the head doc said something like “that looks good. that looks very very good. perfect.” OMG I was so happy to hear those words.

    They had given me something to get drowsy and I did, a little bit. But at one point the doc asked me whether I would take a lot of sleeping pills. Huh?? No! I NEVER do. He said that I was still pretty much ‘alert’ after what they had given me. I told him that I had gotten a “fast working” sleeping pill the other day in ICU but that had never worked. Guess I’m imune to sleeping pills then LOL.

    They can’t make you sleep completely during the catheter procedure though, because you have to participate, e.g. with taking deep breaths and holding the breath for a few seconds or other instructions of how to breath. That’s why you have to be awake enough to follow instructions. But I guess it was still a good idea to give me some kind of drug. I’m sure I would have been way more anxious than I actually was.

    I was told later that it was indeed a complicated thing to get “around the corner” with that catheter. But it worked and was successful in the end, which is the most important thing.
    And I actually felt the improvement… even on the same day. It was easier walking around, there was no twitching anymore… so I see that this 2nd procedure was absolutely necessary.



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