June 21

The Last Full Day In The Hospital

Yes guys, I was told today that things look good so that I can leave tomorrow. Which was the first good news of the day. The 2nd came shortly after when the social service lady told me that my wish to go to the Gollwitzer-Meier reha clinic in Bad Oeynhausen was granted. They have a VERY good reputation since they are 100% specialised in all things cardio. 

And so I’ve spent my last day here basically being out of the room and bed, sitting in the cafeteria reading or taking a stroll through the park till I was exhausted and needed a rest back in my room and bed ☺️

S’s visit killed some more time and now its almost bed time. 

Here are some more pics I took during the day. Sorry for a lack of variety…. blame it on the fact that I haven’t changed locations for one week 😉

love the raindrops!

today’s lunch: goulash with penne

in the cafeteria drinking “Apfelschorle” and reading

a bug’s view

more raindrops… don’t they look pretty?

uhm.. raindrops 😉

a long walk for someone who’s heart is running on 3 instead of 6 cylinders

into the light

looks like autumn though it’s the beginning of the f-cking summer

makes for a nice color contrast

tree trunk close-up

walked up these steps yesterday and today. worked!

after-dinner-desert in the cafeteria when S visited. it’s my beloved lemon cake


2 thoughts on “June 21

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    So, so, so happy that you are now out of the hospital and getting back to your life! Congrats on getting accepted at your preferred rehab facility. Man that hospital looks like it’s in the middle of a huge park or the forest or something! How beautiful! Not like the concrete prisons we have here. I love the bug’s eye view, raindrops (whatever those are) and “into the light” pics the best.


    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      Pics lie ;-). Yes, there’s that park next to the hospital. But I wouldn’t say that the building is “in the middle of a huge park” or something. It’s just another ugly concrete monster, just like probably tons of other hospitals. In fact there were talks to tear it down and build a new and modern one. So far it looks though, as if they are only attaching new parts to the old building and modernizing other parts. Fact is: whatever they do in the end: it’s necessary!



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