June 28

Very Handy For Handys

(For the non-German readers: Handy is what we Germans call a cell phone. Why we do that? No clue. We are weird like that.)

So when S returned from the restroom of a restaurant today, she said “guess they have often problems with guests who drop their “Handys” into the toilet.”

Me: “Why?”

S: “Well, they have a special Handy dryer here.”

She kept a straight face while saying that and I almost believed her :-D.

And so I went to the restroom too a bit later. And had to laugh. Next to that thingy with the paper towels was an electronic dryer that had “Handy” written on it. Why? Who knows. Of course it wasn’t for cell phones but just a blow-dry-thingy, but it was funny nevertheless. 

At least in that moment and at least for me.

If you find that story completely unfunny… my apologies. Guess you had to be there in person…


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