June 30

First Impression

After a nerve-wracking drive (A2 partly closed due to horrible accident and the alternative route was one big traffic jam) arrived more than 45 minutes too late. I had called them though, to let them know. It was ok.

The welcome was very warm and friendly, there were a few examinations, a conversation with the doc who will be responsible for me during the next three weeks, then lunch (S was allowed to stay and join me), a walk through town and park, then S said bye bye and I spent the rest of the day unpacking, taking another walk, taking a shower, going to dinner, and then spending the rest of the evening in my room with park view 🙂 Got my therapy plan for Fr and Sat. Sun I’m “off”.

Good start,the facility looks very good, the staff and nurses and docs are very nice so far.

End of day 1 with some impressions. Good night.


Alternative route via country roads.


My room. Pretty much ok, I’d say.


“The specialists for rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases.”


View from my balcony to the left.


View from my balcony to the right.


Meeting and TV room. There’s of course also a TV in every room. To watch it there it costs EUR 20 per stay. Wifi is EUR 25 per stay.


Lobby 1


Lobby 2




On the way into town. Statue of Baron Oeynhausen, the founder of this town.


This is Wilson, my new companion. He tells me to smile and he makes the room a bit more friendly. The name choice might not be very creative, but it was the first name that came to mind. (Never gave a plant a name before though!)


One thought on “June 30

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Nerve wracking, not wrecking. 🙂

    Wow!!!! I’m sorry that you NEED rehab, but what an wonderful, amazing rehab system you have there! You won’t find anything like that here. I’m chomping at the bit to find out what your day-to-day routine is going to be like. Please provide every tiny detail that you can!!!

    That picture of the stairwell is AWESOME! Frame that!

    Cute little Wilson looks very cheerful! What’s that nice book next to him?

    Ok, waiting impatiently for your next update. Oh! How often will S get to visit you? Just on weekends?



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