July 2


Day started out with weighing (hey, I lost 100g hahaha) and breakfast. This time I was aware of the damn calories though and chose crisp bread instead of full wheat (a difference of 60 kcal per slice!) and ate low-fat cottage cheese (God, I LOVE cottage cheese… haven’t eaten it in ages!), fresh cucumber slices, and also quark/jam (both also low fat/sugar)

Fed to the max I went back to my room and then down to the gym for 10:15h gymnastics. Then took a loooong shower, put on a bit of make-up and started styling my hair. Didn’t want to look like a corpse for once ;-).

And then my poor blow-dryer decided to call it quits. 😦 DAMN!!! At least he waited until I was almost finished.

Now what? They sell blow-dryers at the drugstore… or I could order a new one from Amazon. (We’re allowed to receive post/packages here). Decided to check what they had at Rossmann before ordering. Wanted to take a walk up there after lunch.

Today’s lunch was chicken soup that also contained veggies and rice. That’s all??? Um… I wasn’t sure how I would manage to save myself from starving until supper. But hey: no complaining, right? I HAVE to lose weight. Period.

Back in my room I felt a sudden tiredness again and I decided to lay down for a bit. But not too long. It’s Saturday, we’re in a Two-Story-Town and you never know what time shops close here. My guess was 14:00h and so I forced myself up at 13:00h.

They sold ONE type of blow-dryer at Rossmann. For €11.99. Oh dear oh dear. You must know that I’m rather picky about blow-dryers. I hate these cheap-oh things that only blow some warm air and that’s it. There are HUGE differences. If one only cares to blow their hair dry without any styling, a cheap thing will do. But if you’re into hair styling, it probably won’t.

I decided to buy it nevertheless. Maybe it’s okay after all.

Went straight back home though because I felt terribly exhausted. Barely managed to get out of my clothes and into my jammies before I fell into my bed. Stayed there until 17:00h! I was wondering if the reason for all that tiredness was because I was calories-deprived LOL.

Fact is: I was close to starving when I arrived down for supper. Still only allowed myself one small slice of bread… but lots of salad and buttermilk.

Back in the room I counted today’s kcal and found out: there’s still room for a small dessert and one of these vending machine cappuccinos. Yay!

I still felt tired and struggled to stay awake for the 21:00h game Germany vs Italy. Made it until the official end but turned the TV off before the extension and the dreaded penalty shootout. I was simply too tired and didn’t feel like my poor heart could deal with a drama. And from what I hear and read it WAS a LOT of drama. A drama that our team won though and that makes me VERY happy!

But the word of the day is TIREDNESS.

Nevertheless I took a couple more pics.




The new kid in town.


The post boxes. We have to check them regularly. If there are new appointments / messages / weekly itineraries, you find them here.


Dessert. That brownish liquid is called ‘Cappuccino Speciale’ and actually tastes better than it looks.


2 thoughts on “July 2

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Mmmm I love cottage cheese if its loaded with freshly ground black pepper!

    Describe the gymnastics so that i can stop picturing you on doing a tumbling run and flipping around on the parallel bars.

    cookie looks good!


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Can’t describe gymnastics in detail really. But you can definitely stop picturing me flipping around on parallel bars. It’s just a bit stretching and stuff and playfully working with softballs etc. But it’s still enough to increase the pulse rate slightly, so…

    It’s never longer than 30 minutes.

    Whenever you’re wondering about something, please keep in mind that we’re all heart disease patients here. People with often worse operations than I had. People with high blood pressure, etc. There’s no flipping around and running around. They take things slowly here. 🙂



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