July 4

Busy Schedule

Ergometer – don’t know why, but I actually enjoy the 20 minutes of cycling. Today’s playlist was as follows:

  • I Can’t Say No – Rae Garvey
  • An Tagen wie diesen – Die Toten Hosen
  • Demons – Imagine Dragons
  • Afterlife – Nightcore
  • OMG – Marteria

Do I actually know all these songs by title and who sings them? No. E.g. while being familiar with Rae Garvey’s song, I didn’t know it was actually him, nor did I know the exact title. I had never heard the song ‘Afterlife’ before nor do I know the artist. So what I’m doing is, trying to remember a line from the lyrics and then afterwards I google it. The only song I knew completely was that by the Toten Hosen. I knew the Imagine Dragons but not the exact title, same for Marteria. But I make it a bit of a challenge, trying to remember everything and also in the correct order. Is that important or good for anything? Probably not 😀

Cycled with 40 watts max. My pulse: 66 | 93 | 87

My blood pressure/puls  today was 102/58 | 73

I gained 300g again. Damn.

Was a bit worried about the ultrasound but it came out positive, according to the doc.

Lunch was chicken breast in Zigeunersauce (there’s no English word for this. It’s basically made with lots of bell peppers and tomato) with rice . Very yummy.

I was very curious about how the conversation with the shrink would be. Turned out it was very interesting and positive. I won’t go into detail though. There will be a 2nd appointment next week.

It left me a bit emotionally exhausted though and I rested on my bed before it was time for gymnastics.

After supper I went for another walk int he park. means for you: more park photos.

Why are people such pigs?

“Unser Park” is written on the wall behind the bench. Our park. I suppuse, the pigs have written that ?!?

IMG_4874Out with the… what? Have no clue what the last word means. but it seems that someone isn ot happy with a certain other group of people in the park.

Is someone at home?

More fountains.



One thought on “July 4

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Very curious to hear about the shrink discussion if you feel like putting it in an email and if there’s a way to do so that doesn’t reveal more than you want to reveal to me. Even a general idea of what kinds of stuff he asks would be interesting.

    Cute duckie! Of course all those fountains make me instantly wonder if they’re Pokestops or not.



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