July 5

AC DC, Head Physician Appointment & Seminars

Lost 200g again 😀

Bloodpressure/pulse: 98/59 | 63

Ergometer was rather funny today. Today’s therapist, Miss Bartling, asked what music we wanted to hear. Playlist had started with some stupid Euro-trash pop… Avicii or something. Sound was rather low and I was sure I wouldn’t be able to  even hear a thing to remember anything. But then she asked and the guy next to me said „AC DC… hahaha“. Grampa behind me said (half jokingly) “Beethoven’s 9th” to which my neighbor said “naaah… Beethoven is too slow.” “You have absolutely NO clue”, Grampa replied and everyone laughed. Miss B. checked and said “I don’t have any Beethoven but 54 songs by AC DC.

I was about to say “Lee MacDougall” but I was sure he’d be right up there with Beethoven… not on their playlists 😀

“Awesome”, my neighbor said. “Could you please play Thunderstruck? It’s my last day here today. Let’s have some fun.

And so Miss B. turned up the volume a bit and up came AC DC’s Thunderstruck, followed by the most awesome Hells Bells.  “You don’t have to listen to AC DC only, what else you want to hear?” she asked shortly before Hells Bells was over. Someone said “Elvis” but there were some complaints. “Stones” said another and so the playlist continued with Jumping Jack Flash, followed by Angie which came right for the cooling-down-phase.

Musically it was very enjoyable today… and easy to remember 🙂

45 watts, 82 | 104 | 100

Appointment with Dr. Cordes was very positive. He says my numbers so far are really good, my heart shows very clear signs of recovery. No, it will never be 100% again but the limitaion that will remain might not even be so very obvious in my daily life.

The currently rather low blood pressure is exactly how it  should be. Low blood pressure = relief for the heart. As long as I can deal with it and don’t have to deal with too much dizzyness, it’s fine.

Also went to two seminars, one about blood pressure and everything you need to know about it, and the other about doing sports and how incredibly important it is to move your body, and what kind of sport is the best for heart- and blood pressure patients (walking, light jogging, swimming, cycling, hiking) and what not (body building, rowing, squash etc). May sound boring to the healthy… for me it was very interesting. Not everything was new. In the end we all know what we should and shouldn’t do. But there was still a lot of interesting and motivating information.

Never left the facility today and all I have is this photo of me I took in the elevator.




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