July 6

From Active To Sleepy

Only morning appointments today. Ergometer, cardio stress test and gymnastics. Would be off in the afternoon. Awesome.

My weight didn’t change since yesterday 😦

Bloodpressure/pulse: 106/61 | 60

Ergometer 50 watts, 88 | 115 | 96. Playlist was the same like on the first day: Nena & Kim Wilde, Kim Wilde, Sia, Heinz-Rudolf Kunze 😦

I was a tad bit scared about the cardio stress test. They let you cycle on an ergometer and slowly increase the watts number. YOU have to tell them when you’re exhausted and have to stop. They want to find out, what’s the maximum point and find out what is your maximum pulse and check your vital signs during cycling. If they would see any sort of problem, they would tell you to stop.

For me it was the first time ever to do a stress test, and the first time since the heart attack to do something that would make my heart race. The last time my heart went racing, the attack occurred. Guess it was normal to feel a bit nervous about it. But everything was ok. The more watts they added, the harder it got… but in the end it were my legs that gave in and couldn’t continue and I had to say stop. The doc asked if I had felt anything… pain, twitches, pressure? No! And why did you say stop, she asked? Because my legs were exhausted, I said. She smiled and said, that would be great. It wasn’t the heart that made me stop, but my untrained legs LOL.

She was also obviously very happy to see that I managed to cycle at 150 (!) watts in the end and that this was a very very good result. YAY.

So now we can increase the watts number for the daily ergometer training. Swell!

Short break, then down again to the gym. After that I was done for the day and hopped into the shower. I was ready right on time for lunch. I had ordered the menu with the lowest calories, which was again the vegetarian meal: Cauliflower steak with greek rice noodles (kritharaki). (They look like rice but are made from wheat and taste like noodles). I found the cauliflower “steak” rather interesting and it actually tasted very good.

It’s also the (sneaky) photo of the day.

After lunch, back in the room, I suddenly got so tired again that all I could do was putting on jammies and crawling into bed. It was 13:00h. Next time I woke up it was shortly before 16:00h (!) and I didn’t get out of bed until 17:30h when it was supper time. Jeeesus Christ.

But since I’ve learned to listen to what my body wants – even if it is several hours of sleep in the afternoon – I did just that: listen to what my body wants.

I was wondering if they knew that all these activities during one morning could be exhausting and didn’t add any other appointments for the rest of the day.

I still have to remind myself that I’m recovering from a heart attack and that my body reactions reflect that. There’s still a long way to go to full recovery, even though I’m feeling rather well again.





One thought on “July 6

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Yah, I would’ve been TERRIFIED during the stress test. Sounds like you did awesome! I wonder if one reason why you kept getting tired and slept so much was because that flu/bronchitis was on its way. Gosh I hope you’re feeling better soon!!!!! All these health issues you’re having suck!!!!!



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