July 8

Weight -300g YAY

Ergometer: 61-70 watts, 76 | 105 | 98

The playlist was all good ol‘ 80s today and thus easy to recognize and remember.

  • Urgent – Foreigner
    (one guy said out loud “I will see them in concert next month”, to which Dr So-and-so [a patient, not a rehab doc, and I gave him that name for reasons that would lead to far to explain here] replied “they are still playing concerts???” A question I had asked myself, too. Well, obviously. But really… I had no clue that Foreigner still exist. Is Lou Gramm still their singer? Wasn’t he seriously ill once? If he’s not their singer anymore, what’s the point then, still playing concerts? But okay… maybe he is. Also… in times where Axl Rose is now helping out in AC DC and Adam Lambert in Queen… :-//. IMHO bands like these, with very iconic lead singers, should just retire. Or form a new band with a different singer. There’s no Queen without Freddy Mercury. And seriously… Axl Rose in AC DC?? I know that many AC dC fans are NOT happy about this. But I guess that would be a topic for a single full blog post ..ha!)

I have loved Foreigner very much, back in the day!

  • Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor
    (still love that one! ROCKY!!!! ❤ :-D)
  • Wild Boys – Duran Duran
    (was never into that song)
  • I Don’t Like Mondays – Boomtown Rats
    (have always loved that song and still do! What’s Sir Bob up to these days?)

Blood pressure/pulse 105/58 | 57

Rather low pulse, but I was sure, gymnastics would change that again and it did. Ended that one with a 96 pulse LOL.

IMG_5001Worked with hoops and soft balls again in gym today.Have I mentioned that I hate gymnastics? ;-/

And now it was time for my long-term-ECG. I see patients walking around with these small deviced all the time, now it was my turn. It’s not as irritating as 24hr bloodpressure-checking, so…


And now I was off for the rest of the day. Spent ome time reading in my room, then went for a walk through town, then back in the room checking the net, then supper, another walk through the park, then home, TV, bed, good-night.

IMG_5003Only pic I took in the park today. Edited it to this out of pure boredom LOL



One thought on “July 8

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Foreigner. They were huge in 1981? and I saw them a zillion trillion times. I think Kelly Hansen is their current singer. Survivor. Same. Saw them a million times, with both singers. Can’t stand the other two bands / songs.



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