July 11

Bronchitis Slowly Creepin’ In

The sick feeling started to kick in. Went to ergometer nevertheless but was asked to stop by the therapist a few minutes before the official end. He came up to me with a towel and a worried look on his face, asking me if everything was ok and to please completely stop cycling. Reason: my pulse had gone up from around 100 to 150 in a second.

I was still able to remember the playlist:

  • Country Roads (John Denver cover) – Hermes House Band
  • Berlin Berlin (German Sinatra NY NY cover) – Harald Juhnke (no, seriously…)
  • Freedom – George Michael
  • I Can’t Dance – Genesis
  • Act Like You Know – Fat Larry’s Band
  • A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley

Overall a shitty playlist.

So then I went to the nurses on my floor and asked them to please cancel gym for me, telling them I wasn’t feeling well. They made an appointment with my doc for me at 14:00h. Until then I went back to bed.

Doc diagnosed bronchitis, ordered a blood test to find out if it’s viral or bacterial (the latter would mean antibiotics but we were all hoping I wouldn’t need those), cancelled sports for the next two days and told me to stay in my room and rest up and drink lots of water and tea. I was also allowed a codein pill in the evening to stop the coughing at night. That’s all.

And so my sick phase began.

However, today I took a sneaky pic in the ergometer room. Totally not allowed 😉



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