July 14

Light At The End Of The Tunnel & BBQ

Finally I can say I’m feeling better. Still coughing but not as horribly bad as the last days. I still skip part 2 of the diet seminar although the host had said I could still come for part 2 if I felt like it. No thanks.

However, I’m allowed to eat at the restaurant again which is good. Because we’re treated to a barbeque of sorts tonight: grilled goods (Bratwurst, Cevapcici and pork chops), potato salad (among the usual other salada), a cheese plate and a small bottle of non-alcoholic beer for each guest err patient on the tables. Wow. I guess everyone is delighted. I decide to stop counting calories for one evening. I only eat one pork chop though, but slightly more salad than usual and also some fat cheese for ‘desert’ ;-).

OF COURSE that Spainard next to me STILL has to complain. As usual. There’s not a day where the guy doesn’t have bad things to say about the food. And he’s really on my nerve with that. We’re neither at a first class hotel nor a gourmet restaurant. They have to meet certain requirements with the food here. He’s a heart patient himself and should take that into consideration. Of course it is different than in a regular restaurant. It HAS to be. And of course there are always things you like more than others. But to say everything here sucks, is just not true and very unfair.

Yes, non-alcoholic beer is not the real deal. But it’s still beer and tastes like beer. Can we all be just a little bit thankful for this treat? If you don’t like beer in general or despise the non-alcoholic version… fine. Just don’t drink it. But don’t go on complaining about it. The overwhelming majority was really really happy with the ‘Grillfest‘ 😀

I even went for a short walk after lunch. I was so sick of seeing nothing but my room for the last days. However, I didn’t get far and felt tired rather quickly again. But at least I was out for about 15-20 minutes.

Thought about catching up on my blog and my diary but then didn’t. So I only watched TV.

IMG_5083Oh yeah… and on top of the usual fresh fruit like apples, peas and bananas we got CHERRIES!! Best supper so far 😀


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