July 15


This has got to be the most tired I’ve been in my whole life.

One of these days I had written about a tired day, but man, that was NOTHING compared to today.

I was already tired when I woke up. Almost fell asleep at the breakfast table, and it didn’t get better at the ergometer training. Which was annoying as hell anyway because of some old guys. One of them called me Young Lady and wanted to make conversation with me. Unsuccessfully for him though. And so he went on being a terrible Chatty Cathy with his other cycling neighbor, discussing every known detail about the Nice terror attack.. At one point he turned to me again saying “the Young Lady has nothing to say about all this?” I pulled a Bella Swan and said “I’m the suffering-in-silence type” to which he replied “can we help with counseling?” and I said “no thanks, I’m good.”


Another grampa to my left kept exhaling with a loud and annoying sound. No, he wasn’t doing unwell or anything. The therapist asked him if everything was ok. Yes, he assured him. He only had been to a breathing training. o_O. Okaayyy….  And there they have taught him to exhale in an absolute insufferable way???

Whatever. The playlist:

  • Sexy – Marius Müller Westernhagen
    (one of Stefie’s all time faves. The singer, I mean.)
  • ??? sorry, didn’t catch that one and couldn’t make out the lyrics
  • Paris, einfach so nur zum Spaß – Udo Jürgens
  • 17 Jahr, blondes Haar – Udo Jürgens
    (which was obviously a bit too much Udo for the therapist and he skipped that one. Nothing against Udo in general but I couldn’t blame him. This is not really fitting music for a workout.)
  • Kingston Town – UB40
    (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I wanted to get off the ergometer and not only skip that shit but destroy the stereo. This is a good opportunity to let you all know how much I H A T E   The Worst Band In The World. Worst songs in the world. Worst singing voice of the world. Worst wannabe rastas EVER! There’s not much I hate with more blazing rage than bloody UB40. My apologies to everyone who likes them. I can’t help it. They are intolerable. They are The Worst.

I wonder if I have ever mentioned, how much I hate the band UB40. No? Oh. Ok. So then I want to let you know that there’s hardly a band or musical performer I hate more than UB40. Wanted to get that off of my chest for once. Thank you.

Back in the room I rested on my bed for half an hour or so, before it was time for gym and another seminar. Had a hard time, to not fall asleep. Then forced myself down and through gymnastics and was so glad to be back in the room with one hour to spare before lunch. Fell asleep and missed my appointment with the Social Service. Damn. Re-scheduled that later for Monday.

Almost slept through lunch, then back to the room and now there were 5 hours of free time. And I slept almost all 5 hours. Suffered through supper in a state of coma, then back to the room and back to sleep :-/.

Woke up at 22:30h and felt fresh and awake LOL. Oh dear. I have no clue why I had felt so crazy tiered but wat can I do. My body has a lot to deal with at the moment and had to deal with lots of coughing and fever in the past days on top of it.

I watched TV until around 1:00h and then tried to go back to sleep. Took a while but then I slept again eventually.

Yet another sneaky pic. Waiting for the diet assistant to tell us something about healthy eating 😉


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