July 16

3rd and Last Weekend Has Begun

Woke up feeling refreshed and awake, ready for S’s visit. She arrived around noon and since we had decided to skip lunch on Sat and Sun at the facility (which is allowed on weekends), we went to restaurant “New Orleans” not far from here. It seems to be one of the fave restaurants/places to hangout. We both ordered mixed salad with grilled chicken. It was good but not spectacular

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping (I bought new red ballerinas from Tamaris, new red pants and a new red shirt from Cecil and a red/black scarf. All that would fit perfectly to my new red/black Swatch I had ordered a couple days ago).

We had a coffee at CULT. Really nice location!

For supper we were back at the facility but then it was time to have another stroll through town and park and later had a “Berliner Weiße mit Schuss” in the park.

Back home at half past 8 to watch TV for the rest of the evening.

Berliner Weiße is a beer, brewed in  Berlin. “mit Schuss” means, it is mixed with syrup. Most popular is either raspberry or woodruff. We both prefer woodruff because it’s not so sweet.
Bride & groom were here at this spot not long ago for their wedding photo session. The park and the ‘Kaiserpalais‘ are very popular locations for weddings and wedding celebrations.


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