July 17

A Dear Friend Comes Visiting

Almost overslept. Woke up at 8:15h. Breakfast is only served until 8:30h on Sundays. Some quick teeth-brushing and throwing on some clothes had to do.

Our friend U wanted to come and visit me here. We had scheduled this already over a week ago and she arrived at shortly after 11h.

And so us three girls spent a wonderful day in the city, the park, at cafés and had a VERY delicious lunch at CULT (curry chicken with rice for S, grated goat cheese for U, tomato/mozzarella salad for me).

U left again at 5, we rested a bit until it was time to go down to the restaurant. The evening was spnt outside of a café/wine bar. Since we are officially allowed to drink a glass of red wine occasionally (yes, red wine in small doses is indeed good for the heart LOL), I almost celebrated that glass of wine (of course always accompanied by a bottle of water). And it was reeaally tasty! For all the wine nerds: it was an Italian Valpolicella Superiore DOC by Zenato. I’m not a fan of Italian wine per se, but this one was absolutely wonderful!

TV programme in the evening was a very interesting documentary about the one and only Guns ‘N Roses. Too bad that bands like these, that make music like that, don’t really exist anymore. Appetite For Destruction remains to be one of the best rock albums of all time. Who can forget Sweet Child Of Mine? Or Paradise City? Or Mr Brownstone? Don’t Cry? Even later the epic November Rain? Interesting to see what happened to some of the band members. For some of them it seems like a miracle, that they are still alive…

And now Axl is singing in AC DC. Well… *eyeroll*

Please enjoy some more pics, takena long theway  in this nice little city.

That doggie enjoyed the cool water. Couldn’t get enough of it.

So much beautiful architecture!

The so called Kaiserpalais. Inside is a marriage registration office, a restaurant and the ‘GOP’ Variety Theatre.

IMG_5191Façade detail

Door detail

Foyer chandelier

If you look through the O, you cansee  S (left) and U (right).
black & white? or…

more beautiful bad Oeynhausen homes

enjoying the Italian red wine


The End


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