July 18

Back To Regular Rehab Schedule

Today’s ergometer playlist was as follows:

  • Happy – Pharell Williams
  • Chihuahua – DJ Bobo
    (Ugh! That guy was popular already when there still wasn’t an invasion of DJs to rule the charts. I liked him for 2 minutes back in the 80s and find it hard to believe in hindsight I ever did. This song is god-awful.)
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham!
    (anyone who didn’t love them back in the day? I sure did… but not that particular song. It’s actually not that different in style to Chihuahua when you hear them back to back :-/)
  • Dancing Queen – ABBA
    (OMG! There will never be a time where I don’t love ABBA. No matter what musical style I have ever loved and will ever love… ABBA has remained close to my heart since back in the 70s. I own all of their albums, know the words to all of their songs, and still tear up to some of their songs, including this one, when I hear it in certain moments. This one here today was one of those moments. And now please don’t ask me why. It’s just a matter of me reacting emotionally to certain music at certain times.)
  • Hangover – Taio Cruz (UGH)
  • Mama Mia – ABBA (one of the very few songs that are not favorites)

The biggest shocker waited for me later in the room. After gym and showering I wanted to slip into my t-shirt that was lying on the bed. And saw a big spider crawling across.


With a loud scream I threw the shirt away from me… directly into poor S’s side of the bed where she was sitting, checking her phone.

OMG!!! A spider sitting ON THE BED IN MY SHIRT!!!!!

Only if you are an arachnophobist yourself you can halfway understand what that means for me. I’m serious about this. I seriously panic in such situations!

Stefie jumped… but more because I scared her pants off with my loud scream. She had no clue what had happened and it took me a few seonds before I was even able to speak and tell her that there was a spider in my shirt. She took it and shook it… but no spider fell out. Oh my God. Is there anything worse than knowing there’s a spider in the room but not knowing where it is? While S looked everywhere on the ground, I moved my hoodie that was also lying on the bed with one finger. AND THERE IT WAS!!! OMG… remembering the sight of that monster running with her long spider legs across my clothes bringst he panic back. Better not thinking about it anymore…

But thankfully, my wonderful brave friend managed to smash her… and thankfully NOT on my clothes. I wouldn’t have been able to wear them without thoroughly washing them.

What a panic and shock


Forgot to say that it was the same morning when I opened the bathroom door and a big moth flew directly into my face! Like… touched my forehead before making a turn and flying away. S later caught her too. I’m not in the same panic about moths, but I certainly don’t enjoy them.

Until it was time to leave, we spent the afternoon together in city and park.

Next time we’ll see each other again is when she’ll pick me up nd bring me home.

There she goes. see you soon!!

Legit question these days.


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