July 19

Busy Day

It started out with ECG right after breakfast, continued with inhalation, then I had my last doc appointment, which almost lasted 30 minutes.

Basically, everything looks positive, my heart pumps now at 50%, which doesn’t sound like much but I’ve learned by now that it is indeed good and that the improvement came rather quickly. A damaged heart muscle recovers very very slowly. We’re talking about months… even years. To help it recover, my job is to take my medication regularly and on time, get regular check-ups, eat healthy and exercise regularly yet moderately. No competitive sports! (Me. Competetive sports. AS IF!) Light jogging, walking, hiking, swimming (no jumping into the water please! Go in slowly!), cycling, aqua fitness (which I’m planning to do again in the near future). Also I have to join a so called Heart Sports Group. I can only do that with a doc prescription. It’s paid by the health insurance. They are specialized in exercise for heart patients and also offer help and advice with healthy eating and losing weight.

But of course I have to be more disciplined myself and not fall back into old habits.

But altogether things look very positive. That’s what I keep hearing and that’s what she told me again and I believe her.

I also spoke to a staff member about what to do on my last day tomorrow and some administrative things.

Then gym, lunch, and ergometer after lunch for once. Aaaand… I forgot the playlist. Didn’t think of writing it down on the same day and now it’s gon.

I was off for the rest of the afternoon.

IMG_5211Sitting on one of the benches outside of the building in the  sun, between lunch and ergometer.


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