July 20

The Last Day

And so the last full day has begun. Along with the usual activities I have an appointment at 10:00h in the so called “Lehrküche” (literally translated: learning kitchen). It’s a kitchen where a group of patients with the help and support of a diet assistant, cooks a 6-course-meal. Of course without salt and low cholesterol. The point is to show, how easily this is possible.

Won’t go into detail because I don’t feel like writing up all that stuff in English right now. Each of us was assigned to one of the courses, I had it rather easy with a celery-carrots-apple salad. It was a good experience and everything tasted very good.

Only problem today: it is hot like hell. I think today turned out to be the hottest day of the year. All physical therapies were voluntary today. I honestly thought about skipping gymnastics at 15:00h but then I didn’t. Yes it was hot, but no one is forced to continue when they are not feeling well or have circulation problems etc. No, I would of course deal with that very last task.

Man, was it ever sweaty! But I made it and it felt good.

Took photos of every page before I handed my rehab booklet to the nurses afterwards and also thanked them for their friendly service. I almost teared up. While I’m glad to go home tomorrow, I have spent three very good weeks (bronchitis aside) here. I feel well, I have learned a lot and I felt like everyone took very good care of me… and of course the other patients.

So then… showering, bag-packing, blog-updating.

The (possible) last pic from here is another sneaky one: standing in line at the buffet for supper.


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