July 9

Busy Saturday

Welcome back, dear three readers. Long time no see. Hope you’re all doing well. I know I’m shamelessly behind with my posts. My apologies. Does it count that I was sick for 4 days? Also, I’m in rehab after all and not bored on the couch with nothing else to do, right? Well… whatever the case, my goal for today, Wednesday, July 20th, is to fill you in with the latest and catch up on all the missing photos of the day.

Here we go with Saturday, July 9th, which was the start of the first weekend where S came to visit me. But first there were some gymnastics to do though. It was also the day where the scale told me I had gained 500g. What?? Frustration. And that resulted in a very low-calorie breakfast. Which is kinda stupid though because I never was a fan of being the scale’s slave. If I keep up my diet I will lose some weight sooner or later so I should stop paying attention altogether.

S arrived at around 14:00h and we left immediately (by car) to the nearby shopping mall. We were both looking for some things that we couldn’t find in the shops in the city. Also it was a nice change. Problem was: my blood pressure and pulse felt so low that I had a case of constant dizziness. But since I was told that movement is better than lying or sitting around in such cases, I tried to ignore it. We also had a coffee break in one of the cafés and returned to the facility on time for supper.

In the early evening we went out into town since the city of Bad Oeynhausen was hosting a summer fest. Several stages where all kinds of different (probably local and relatively unknown) artists were performing all kinds of musical styles, lots of food and drink stands… the usual summer fest thing.

I decided that it was fine to have one beer at one of the stands. If there’s one thing we’ve learned here, it’s that we should obey our healthy living 5 days a week but that it is okay to eat ice cream or even some fries with mayo, and drink a glass of beer or wine on the weekends is perfectly acceptable. As long as we don’t overdo it, of course.

We ended up not with a beer but with a ‘Radler’ (beer/soda-mix) and I truly enjoyed it. But then all the noise from the people and the loud music became a bit much and we took a last round through the halfway quiet park before heading back home.

That was the most activity I had engaged in for a day since June 10, and so I was VERY tired at the end of the day.

Oh… PS: my throat felt very scratchy… :-/



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