July 20

The Last Full Day

I was really very sure that I had already posted that article and even got a comment on it. But I can’t find it anywhere. Which is very strange. So either I’m an idiot and I have not posted it yet, or I’m still an idiot and have no clue where the article might have gone.

And so the last full day has begun. Along with the usual activities I have an appointment at 10:00h in the so called “Lehrküche” (literally translated: learning kitchen). It’s a kitchen where a group of patients with the help and support of a diet assistant, cooks a 6-course-meal. Of course without salt and low cholesterol. The point is to show, how easily this is possible.

Won’t go into detail because I don’t feel like writing up all that stuff in English right now. Each of us was assigned to one of the courses, I had it rather easy with a celery-carrots-apple salad. It was a good experience and everything tasted very good.

Only problem today: it is hot like hell. I think today turned out to be the hottest day of the year. All physical therapies were voluntary today. I honestly thought about skipping gymnastics at 15:00h but then I didn’t. Yes it was hot, but no one is forced to continue when they are not feeling well or have circulation problems etc. No, I would of course deal with that very last task.

Man, was it ever sweaty! But I made it and it felt good.

Took photos of every page before I handed my rehab booklet to the nurses afterwards and also thanked them for their friendly service. I almost teared up. While I’m glad to go home tomorrow, I have spent three very good weeks (bronchitis aside) here. I feel well, I have learned a lot and I felt like everyone took very good care of me… and of course the other patients.

So then… showering, bag-packing, blog-updating.

The (possible) last pic from here is another sneaky one: standing in line at the buffet for supper.



3 thoughts on “July 20

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    i remember reading it before and I remember saying it’s cool that they even teach people to cook healthy meals for themselves there. That’s also the post where I couldn’t believe even a rehab facility doesn’t have A/C in your country.

    [American Dream – Johnny (not John, Johnny) Cougar – it’s meh.]



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