July 21

 And So It Ends


Collection of very-very-VERY last day shots. Packed bags, the almost empty room, some (cut off) Charlie Chaplin artwork (sorry) and the reception desk.

Left with a laughing and a crying eye. It was a good time. Eveyone was absolutely fantastic here, the whole facility is top notch (yes even without an A/C), the docs, nurses and staff are wonderful. While I didn’t like the reason why I was here, I thought that the experience nevertheless was a great one.

Next thing is getting used to being alone again. Without an emergency button and doctors nearby. I know how I felt during that week between hospital and rehab and how I felt very uncomfortable, being alone. I was alone in my room for three weeks here, but still there was the emergency button…

I’m quite positive though, that things will look better now when I come home.

For one (hopefully) last time (at least I return for a more fun reason) please allow me to post some pics of Bad Oeynhausen.

This is inside the so called ‘Wandelhalle‘.

Since Bad Oeynhausen is a spa town (the “Bad” indicates that… I hope all the English speaking readers haven’t confused it with a negative meaning :-D) and has the world’s most highly carbonated thermal saltwater fountain, the Jordansprudel. On calm days the fountain gets up to 40 metres high. The water of the spring is believed to have many medicinal qualities, giving rise to a number of health spas.

While we’ve seen the Jordansprudel fountain, I never took a photo… for whatever reason. What I’m talking about here is the thermal saltwater. You can drink it here, inside the ‘Wandelhalle‘. Clean glasses on the left, used glasses on the right. Yes, the water tastes quite salty but not really bad.



IMG_5312That photo screeaamed for some b/w editing!

See the little rainbow? 🙂

Again Wandelhalle. Some ceiling detail. The photo nerd in me is pissed off, that I didn’t take the photo in perfect angle so that it looks 100% straight. Sorting that shit out in editing would have been too much of a hassle though. Probably nobody but me notices it anyway…
Bye bye Gollwitzer-Meier-Klinik. I’ll recommend you and hope at the same time that no one I know will ever need your service.

IMG_5316Home sweet home! Wilson has found his new place already. Hope he likes it!


One thought on “July 21

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Congrats on getting out! How’s it been so far, being home alone without an emergency call button next to your bed?

    [Jimmy Buffett – Fins – Never knew the name of this song! I’ve always like it. Never knew he was saying “fins to the left fins to the right” either. Not sure what I thought was to the left and right!]

    You didn’t take a picture of the Jordansprudel fountain???? Bloody hell!!!!

    Love the red walls in the first two pics. Love, love, love the photo that screamed for b&w editing.

    [My Baby Gives it Away by Pete Townsend – don’t know it. don’t like it]



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