July 22

Fruity Treat


Went to visit my workmates today and fill them in on the latest. Got this as a present from the company. A basket full of healthy things to eat. How very nice of them!


One thought on “July 22

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    VERY nice of them!

    Speaking of gift baskets. Ugh. My manager wants me to order gift baskets for two employees who have sent a lot of business our way. Problem is, I’m horrible at thinking of gifts for people, especially when I know NOTHING about them. I enlisted the help of T who DOES know them and she had some great ideas so I sent a list to my manager but it will be a year or so before he gets around to telling me which items he wants to include so I don’t have to worry about actually ordering the stuff for awhile. Yay!



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