July 25

Routine Appointment…


… at my doc’s office. Speaking about the written report from the rehab facility, about making an appointment with a cardiologist for the upcoming regular check-ups and scheduling another appointment shortly before he (my regular doc) goes on vacation for 2 weeks.

In the afternoon, S and I went to a travel agency to book our own vacation. What? Travel agency? What happened to looking up and booking our trips on the internet? Well… internet works fine if you halfway know where you want to go. The thing is: she wants nature and the woods, I want water and a beach. Hmmm… so we have to find a compromise. Something where it’s quiet, where we have nature and opportunities for walking/hiking but also water. If not the sea, then at least a big lake or something. And all that rather quickly please. Which could become a problem since many people this year have decided to spend their holidays in their own country, so touristy spots in Germany are pretty booked these days… and it’s the time of the school holidays. So, good look with finding something that we both agree on, that is affordable, not shabby, and still available.

Travel agents are paid to find such places. Thus the travel agency.

And she (the travel agent) indeed found something. More about all that another time.


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