July 26

Back At The Movies


As long as we’re at the movies, the world is good.

This time S brought a friend, N,  she met during her hospital stay. I’ve written about her in an earlier blog post. She’s the artist who creates sculptures and paints. We went to an exhibition with some of her exhibits earlier this year.

The popcorn belongs to N,but she shared it with us and so S, who was sitting in the middle, held it. I managed to only eat very little of it. Was difficult but I made it! 🙂

The movie we saw was BFG – Big Friendly Giant. Well… it was okay I guess. But I thought it was too much aimed at smaller kids for my personal taste. The CGI was very well done though. Nice visual effects.


One thought on “July 26

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    I’m about to smack you if you don’t get your feet down off of that seat!!!!

    I remember N. How was she as a movie companion? I hate when H goes with us cuz she talks right up until the movie starts, including during the previews!!!!

    What was difficult about eating the popcorn?

    [Neil Diamond – Crunchy Granola Suite – Never heard of it. Don’t think I like it.]



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