Book Review Post – The Night That Changed Everything – Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice


Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice are both from England and this is their 2nd novel they have written together as an author duo. Their first one was called The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me. GO AND READ THAT BOOK! It’s awesome! I’m not joking.

But we’re here to speak about their follow-up. No, it’s not a sequel. But just like in the debut, we’re learning about a girl and a boy (a man and a woman actually LOL). This time it’s Ben and Rebecca. Again the chapters alternate. One is told from Ben’s point of view, the next one from Rebecca’s, etc. Jimmy writes the male part, Laura the female. But the chapters are blending in with each other so perfectly, that you never notice that they are written from two different authors. Style-wise, at least.

So Ben and Rebecca fall in love, and everything looks perfect. Too perfect? They are two different characters actually. She’s the focussed architect with a great career perspective, who’s chaotic at home and can’t cook for shit. He still doesn’t know what he wants to do, has an unsatisfying temp-job until he has figured out what he wants to do with his life. He’s the tidy type and a great cook. Then there’s Danielle who’s Rebecca’s BFF and flatmate. She’s gorgeous! There’s Jamie who has made his dream come true and has opened a hip bar in London and knows Ben and Rebecca already before these two meet. There’s Jemma, the new kid in town in Rebecca’s company. A Chatty Cathy, funny and with a good heart. In other roles: Adam, the smug architect that Rebecca has to work with for her first big project, the restauration of an old London cinema. Russ and Tom, Ben’s flatmates, Tom’s idiotic girlfriend Avril, Rebecca’s gay brother, her dad, and her mom who’s not there anymore, yet somehow she is.

Yes, this is a rom-com, just like the first book. And no, I don’t usually read rom-coms. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, cliché problems arise, and then in the end they live happily ever after. No thanks.

The reason why I even read the first book was, because Lee promoted it. Kinda. Jimmy Rice is one of his best friends. And actually I was SO GLAD I did. I would have missed out on a wonderful feel-good book.

So naturally, I wanted to read this one. Gotta say that I enjoyed it very very much, yet it can’t touch the first one. I never always fully understood Rebecca… thought she was waaaay too stubborn and up her own ass at times (although, after all, she’s a likeable person). Also the story very slightly dragged in the 2nd half. Not too bad for it to be a serious issue though.

Didn’t saw that twist coming in the last third of the story and it left me crying mess. Damn!!!

Be careful with reading reviews about this online… there are some serious spoilers. Some readers took issue with the ending. I didn’t. It was different than expected, but I liked that about it!

I would definitely recommend it. What I like so much about these books is a) the writing style, b) the characters, c) the humor and d) the British-ness. They create such great and likeable characters you can’t help but enjoy reading.

And while I half thought I would know how this story would end… I didn’t.

So: if you hate rom-coms, you should still give these two books a try. They are just too likable with great characters, and shouldn’t be missed.

What I liked was, that after the book was finished, there’s an interview, where Jimmy interviews Laura about her chapters and Laura interviews Jimmy about his chapters. All done in a sweet and funny way. That was a nice extra.

And look who was (last-)name-checked in the story 😉


(I want to point out, that I do NOT like and recommend these books because they were written by Lee’s mate. If they would suck, I’d say so.)

Oh, and in both cases I’ve read the original, English version. If your English is good enough, you definitely should!!!

Alles was vielleicht für immer ist – Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice (Amazon Deutschland)
The Night That Changed Everything – Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice (Amazon UK)
The Night That Changed Everything – Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice (Amazon US)

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