July 31

11.5 Hours – 4 Movies – Very Long (spoiler free) Post

It’s been a while since we stayed that long in a movie theater. Started out at 11:00h at the CinemaxX in Mülheim and the last movie ended at around 22:30h

The movie day started out with with Tarzan. When I first heard about another Tarzan film being made, I thought “who cares?” Yes, it’s an iconic character, but… seriously? Aren’t we over that era? I think many people were rather skeptical about this, from what I know.

I have to admit though, that I am not a Tarzan expert. What I remember is watching that 60s TV series as a kid, starring Ron Ely as Tarzan. Anyone remember that? What a handsome bloke, back then LOL. Tarzan and Cheeta… who didn’t love them? At least in Germany that series was hugely popular!

I’m not even sure I ever saw any other series/movie about Tarzan though and was at first only mildly interested in this new movie. That changed a bit after seeing the first trailer that I thought looked actually quite decent. And yes, it turned out, I liked the movie. Alexander Skarsgard was a great casting decision I must say. Tall, great physique and he has the looks that I would expect from Tarzan. Margot Robbie as Jane was very good, too. And who can play a villain better than Christoph Waltz.  Outstanding CGI, especially when it comes to the animals. It’s amazing what can be done in these days and times, making animals look SO REAL! Well paced, just the right length, no minute wasted.

Trailer – Tarzan – (Deutsch)

Trailer – The Legend of Tarzan – Original

Animals played a big role in movie #2 as well, but in a completely different way. Pets is an animated movie and it’s really a must-see. I remember laughing my ass off when I saw the trailer for the very first time. Loved ALL these scenes but my absolute fave was that headbanging poodle! OMG I laughed SO. HARD.

So… did the movie live up to it? Yes absolutely!!! If you’re into animated movies, you can’t miss that one. If you’re not, it’s a good way to introduce yourself to them and have a really good time. If you don’t like that movie and if you don’t find it at least halfway funny, I can’t like you because you seemingly don’t have a heart and humor ;-). No but seriously… it’s great way to spend two hours and have a fun time at the movies.

Thought it was funny that almost all cats were real assholes here. Guess it was definitely more of a dog movie :-D.

Trailer – Pets- (Deutsch)
Trailer – The Secret Life of Pets – Original

Since this post also has to include the Photo of the Day… here it is.

Third movie today was Star Trek: Beyond (aka: The Beasty Boys Save The Universe). (That last part was totally made up by me and is no spoiler but a movie fact. Sort of.)

Let me make myself clear first: I am not a Trekkie. Nor am I a sci-fi nerd. Nor do I know much about that whole universe. The first Star Trek movie I have ever seen was Star Trek: Into Darkness which was the predecessor of this one. ‘t was okay to me, someone who really has no clue about it all, so my apologies to all Trekkies. (Are we even allowed to still call them that or is that a no-go? Fill me in.)
Just like with Tarzan, all my Star Trek “knowledge” comes from that 60s TV series starring William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Spock. Back then though, there was not an episode to miss. Always watched it upstairs with Granny and Grandpa. Must have been one of my favorite TV shows as a kid. It’s very funny looking at reruns on TV today. Those sets look soooo hilariously FAKE. But back then we totally believed it and it was cool.

So nostalgia (and the flat rate movie card) is the only reason I even see these movies now.

To make it short: Star Trek: Beyond was okay to me. A tad bit TOO much wild action for my taste, but S said “hey, it’s a Star Trek movie! That’s what you get with them!”. Fine. The story was decent, there was a little tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy that I thought was nicely done, the villain (an unrecognizable Idris Elba) was evil, there was the typical bits of humor between the well known characters… I’m down with Chris Pine as Kirk and even more with Zachary Quinto as Spock… so there’s not that much to complain. Only a tiny bit about the movie looking very very dark. But that might be the 3D effect. On some screens 3D looks darker than on others.

I’ve heard the movie isn’t doing that well at the box office though… at least in the US, so I guess the Star Trek fans are not that happy with it then?!?

Trailer – Star Trek Beyond – Deutsch
Trailer – Star Trek: Beyone – Original (English)

The last movie of the day was something ENTIRELY different. After three 3D blockbusters it was now time for something “intellectual” from Germany. I’m talking about the movie Toni Erdmann. No less than 2:45h long.

First time I heard about it was during this year’s Cannes film festival. The movie was in the contest and came out a critcs AND audience member’s favorite alike. In fact it got the highest critics score of any film screened at Cannes in the history of the film festival. It seemed very clear that it would win the Palme d’or. Until it didn’t and everyone was like GASP!!! Guess the jury had their reasons :-/. And now it’s out in German theaters and more critics are very happy with it. This is not a movie for the regular popcorn blockbuster audience who wants to have a good time on a Saturday night, so this is probably not going to be a box office hit.

Gotta say though, that if you’re looking for something differently than your average sci-fi or superhero movie, if you’re looking for a very very good story… for a bit more meaning… for a character-driven plot… for outstanding acting… then this one is for you. Basically, Toni Erdmann is the story about a father and his daughter. Daughter works abroad… currently in Bulgaria (Romania) as a top management consultant. She rarely sees her dad, who is divorced and lives alone. After his old dog dies, the father travels to Bulgaria to visit his daughter. Uninvited. It’s an attempt to try to get closer to her again. He stays – seemingly only for a weekend – in her apartment and things are a bit awkward but overall okay. The guy has – as we learn early in the movie – a knack for whacky jokes sometimes.

Then, when she thinks he’s gone home again, he shows up at some of her meetings and public events, wearing a weird wig and fake teeth, introducing himself as Toni Erdman, bringing her into sometimes more, sometimes less embarrassing situations. Visiting her as her father hasn’t helped to bring him closer to her, so he now choses an alter ego. His point is, to gain some kind of reaction from her. To provoke her. To break up her hard shell. To get access to his seemingly estranged daughter again. While she is having a hard time making sure no one finds out this is her dad and remaining her posture, he’s sometimes charming the people around her. But then very slowly, her shell is crackling. Or is it?

Basically this is a movie about loneliness. About a loney father missing his daughter and fearing of losing her. About a woman who’s successful in her job but in fact, her life is quite empty. Yes, she loves her dad, but she’s too focussed on her career to even notice how much she closes him out. She just doesn’t realize it. And there’s so much more than that! The movie takes its time to unfold that story very slowly, but despite the length, there’s not a single boring moment. It NEEDS that time to get its point across.

It looks incredibly real. You never have that feeling you’re watching actors acting. The (female) director manages to bring these characters so close to the viewers that you FEEL what they are feeling in these situations. Often, the camera lingers on a situation that is uncomfortable and the viewer experiences that uncomfortable situation exactly the same. Just like in real life, an uncomfortable, awkward situation doesn’t go away by blinking or making a cut. That’s why that movie feels so real and goes so deep.

It’s a comedy and drama at the same time. It involes these kind of jokes that make you laugh and feel sad at the same time. There are some really bizarre situations that are funny as hell, yet uncomfortable at the same time. And it’s a movie that leaves you thinking afterwards.The acting is amazing!!

I’m not sure if I’m happy with how the trailer is cut because to me it doesn’t look like something that would convince me to see the movie (never saw the trailer before, today is the first time). Then again, movie goers who are interested in this kind of stuff, might not need a trailer after all.

Trailer – Toni Erdmann – (with English subtitles)





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