August 11

Loki at the Garage

Who? Loki. My car. Yes my car has a name. Get over it!

All my cars had names. Cars are never just some technical thing with four wheels for me. I’m one of these weirdos who see their car as a family-member-of-sorts. And each car I’ve ever owned had their own character.

Unfortunately, I think my recent car – a VW Golf VII – might have been a good boy (my cars are always male!) until I christened him Loki. (For those who don’t know who Loki is: sorry but I don’t have patience for you! Go and google him). Sometimes I think he has fully adopted Loki’s mischievous character. Why my car is named after a mischievous character then, you ask? Well… as I said: if you don’t know Loki OR know him but don’t like him, I don’t have patience for you.

So… Loki was already “home” to a marten (German: Marder) two times within 2 weeks shortly after I bought him two years ago. I had a minor accident with him while touching a low wall that I hadn’t seen about a year ago, and he has several scratches (fighting scars ;-))  and little dents on him that weren’t given to him by me FO SHO! Never ever had that problem with any other car.

And now he needed his annual check-up, that would be normally free of cost for me due to a service contract with VW that costs me a certain amount each moth. But of course, since I go on vacation on Saturday, and because he’s Loki and nomen est omen, they found out that I had somthing stuck in my left rear tire. Couldn’t be repaired and I needed a new one. Bloody hell!!!

But okay. Could have been worse, in the end I would have to pay 200 Euro for something that I thought would not cost me a penny.

But I had to leave him at the car dealer’s and they provided me with a (free of charge) rental. Told them i need loki back till the next day 9:30am at the latest sine I had an appointment in Aachen. They said that would be no problem, but that I was allowed to take the rental if necessary.





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