August 12

The Substitute & Mischievous Loki

Since Loki had to stay at the garage, they gave me a rental. For free, of course. It was a VW Polo Diesel. One of the lame and loud kind, low on PS and with no comfy extras. What a car! I mean… yes it’s better than no car at all… but I was looking forward very much to get my Mischievous Loki back 😉

It was a very foggy day. Felt more like November than August...

At the garage/car dealer, waiting for Loki. I loved these piggy banks in form of old VW buses. So cute!

And then I have my car back and the saga continues.

While I’m a happy camper in my comfy and (compared to that Polo) fast car on the Autobahn on my way to Aachen, a warning sign popped up: Something about the tire pressure not being ok and that it needed to be checked. WHAT? Saw myself with a flat tire any time now and mildly panicked. What had they done?

I called up the guy at the garage (calm down, I have a hands-free car kit) and told him the problem. He said he’d call me back in a second while I kept a close ear to what the car sounded like. You ‘hear’ a flat tire before you even feel it. So far, everything seemed normal.

The call came after a couple minutes. Guy told me to check a certain menue point in my car computer. Obviously the service guys had forgotten to set the tire pressure of the new tire or whatever, but I could do that myself. Followed his instructions while driving, which wasn’t that perfect after all, and so I missed where I had to change to another Autoahn. Great.

I ended up somehow in the center of Düsseldorf and its horrible traffic. At least now I could find a place to pull up and try again with the setting. Didn’t work. New pressure couldn’t be saved to the system. Okay, so turn off the car, pull the keys, then start over again. Did that. Didn’t work. Service guy seemed to be at a loss. Then he asked me to get out and check on the tires. Did they look normal, fully pumped up? If I was losing air, it should be visible by now. I checked and all tires looked and felt perfectly fine.

So now there was nothing I could do. I HAD to go on because I had an appointment at 11:00h. The tires seemed normal, and I agreed to go back to the garage after I came back from Aachen.

Back on the Autobahn I was worried for a few miles but after everything seemed to work as it should, I relaxed. When I parked the car at my destination, first thing I did was checking the tires. Normal! No air seemed lost.

After 1 1/2 hourrs I was back to start my drive home and tried again to set the new pressure in the computer and this time it worked! Yay! Called the garage to ask if I still had to come back to check but they said no, only if I felt safer doing it, but from their point everything should be fine.

I went home and it WAS fine. Thank you God.

But still. Mischievous Loki 😉


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