August 13

Vacation Time

We had planned this for a long time: going on a vacation that did not include concerts and a road trip and Streetteam work. All of this is great fun! Don’t get me wrong. But we are doing this for years now, in combination with a stressful job and no downtime for ourselves. A real vacation that means nothing but relaxing that takes longer than a weekend or one week… that’s long ago.

We had planned it for this year… even before we both got sick. And now we need it even more. Before we could even start planning and booking, we both landed in the hospital and in rehab. Both at different times and for different reasons but then spring and summer came and summer almost went before we could pick up the planning and booking again.

Finding something suitable and affordable during the school holidays is not easy, so instead of losing time by searching on our own, we took the help of a travel agency. The lady there found us something rather quickly. A vacation apartment in Flessenow, which is a teeny-tiny village in the East-German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, about 25 km from Schwerin in one direction and less than 30 km from Wismar and the Baltic Sea coast and beach in the other. It’s also located at the Schweriner See (Lake Schwerin) which is a natural lake and the 4th largest in all of Germany.

“Meckpomm” is the state of the many lakes: no less than 2000! Some very small, others big, and also the largest can be found here: the Müritz (at least the largest located within German territory, only Lake Constancce is bigger but that one also touches Swiss territory).

However, we’re here at Lake Schwerin and our apartment is very nice! The region is beautiful… lots of opportunities to walk… lots of woodland… even waterways. Nature as far as the eye can see. And it’s quiet here. All we hear is the sound of the wind, or the birds… occasionally a frog… or the rooster in the morning 😉 wonderful!

On the way to Flessenow. . As soon as you reach Flessenow, the street has cobblestone pavement… still a reminder of the old GDR times. img_5631As soon as you reach Flessenow though, the street has cobblestone pavement… still a remainder of the old GDR times.

Up the stairs is our apartment.img_5650

The candles and flowers and calendar are ours. We’ve made the place look as cosy and like-home as possible.img_5644

S has bought herself a little Dolce Gusto coffee machine. She doesn’t like any other coffee (at least if she can avoid it) but didn’t want to bring the big one from home.img_5709

The first walk to the lake, which is nearby, but there’s nothing like a small beach or anything. There are areas where you can go swimming, but not anywhere near us. But that’s okay. We don’t want to swim anyway.img_5638


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