August 14

In The Woods

Today we went for our first long walk (more than 5 km | 3 miles, which at least for me is very long at the moment). The first part led along big corn fields, the second half led through a wood. I love walking in the woods…

When we saw those, S said: “in case you need a tooth pick…” 😀

It’s a bit difficult to see but that’s an ant who has caught herself what looks like a young grasshopper, or whatever it is. Please fill me in. The ant had grabbed one leg while the grasshopper tried to leap …bu the ant wouldn’t let go, but also didn’t seem able to get hold of more than that small part of the leg. We watched for a while but there was no sign of who would win that fight. Thought the ant was brave to take on someone so much bigger than her and I felt a bit sorry for the grasshopper. Or is it a cricket? I’m not sure. Too bad we’ll never find out who made it. 

And while we’re at it, there were also lots of these guys (below).  Normally I’m grossed out by almost all kind of insects… at least if they show up at my house or where they are not supposed to be. But here, on a path in the woods, where they belong and where I can easily watch them… and run away if necessary …. ha!… I’m more fascinated than scared.

That critter here appears larger than it actually is. It’s a dung beetle (anoplotrupes stercorosus) and is present throughout Europe. He’s 10-20 mm (0.47–0.79 in) long and feeds on feces, rotting fungi and tree lymph of the host-plants (according to Wikipedia)

Their shiny black-blueish color is amazing.

While kneeling down to get the phone as close as possible, I was wondering for a second, if they could fly. Yes they can, but they fly close to the ground and are rather clumsy flyers. I was glad though that they didn’t while I got so close. I wouldn’t have been that brave. And I certainly wouldn’t have taken such pictures if it was a spider :-/



A very young and small oak. One fine day, A Hundred Years From Today, he might be a big old impessive oak tree.

Tree trunk close-up

Taaaall !

Scottish Highland Cattle

In the end I walked 8.025 steps and burned 360 kcal in the process.


4 thoughts on “August 14

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Great pics! No clue what that grasshopper thing is. Doesn’t look like the grasshoppers we have over here, but I’m sure there are a million zillion varieties of grasshoppers. Whatever they are, I’m terrified of them. If we had them and those beetles in our mountains here you would probably not see me on the hiking trail. Thank God all I have to deal with are bees and gnats (knock on wood).


    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      you’d be fine. Those bugs are so small, you’d have to watch the trail very closely. If I’m not terrifyed, you wouln’t be. Believe me. And that grashopper was so small, you could easily have missed him. If there were really big and horrible bugs in the woods, I wouldn’t go. Don’t be fooled at how big these critters look in the photo.



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