August 16


As I wrote yesterday, the walking became a bit much. While it is important that I exercise regularly and get going, and while I’m allowed to go up to a 105 pulse, there’s no point in overdoing it. The problem wasn’t the pulse though. My body just wasn’t able to handle the looong walking, with my heavy purse and shoopping bag adding some extra weight.

All this resulted in me feeling very unwell for the rest of the evening and a not-so-good night’s sleep.

It was clear that I would need to rest today. No walking, but staying at home. At least I felt a bit better in the morning and after breakfast.

I thought it was a good opportunity to finally catch up on the blog. 15 days behind… that’s a whole lot.

S asked if it was alright if she went out for a walk on her own. Sure!

And so I began and when she came back after two hours I still hadn’t written a single word but was still dealing with the hassle of getting lots of photos from my iPhone to the laptop (didn’t work as planned for some reason) and getting photos from the laptop to WordPress (which didn’t work as planned either). I spare you all the IRRITATING details. In the end I uploaded pic by pic via the phone app which worked but was a HUGE pain in the ass and took ages!


By the time that was done, it was time for dinner. We put some chicken steaks (who came in a very yummy hot sauce) on the grill and made a mixed salad on the side.

After that I started typing up the text to the prepared photo posts, but didn’t upload everything since I was getting tired again and being very sure I had written bullshit here and there. Everything needed to be proof-read first.

Later watched some TV before crawling into bed.







6 thoughts on “August 16

    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      Cutlets. Fine. Never heard that word before and I’m sure you are right. I thought that a steak has maybe to be beef, not chicken. But I couldn’t find a better word, so…


  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Today while I was sitting in the drive thru lane at McDonalds I saw a picture of a menu item that reminded me to tell you we have another word for a cut of fish. Fish filet, or as they cutely call it, filet-o-fish. So fish filet, salmon steak, and I think Swordfish gets to use the word steak but I may be wrong on that one and I don’t think either of us cares enough for me to Google it. LOL



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