August 17


Well-rested and ready to be out and about again, plan was to discover Wismar today. The weather was really gorgeous. Hasn’t been this great for a while. If summer was like that all the time, I’d not complain once. Warm enough to leave the jacket at home, still a fresh wind, zero humidity, no sweating at all… perfect!

Some info that Wikipedia can tell you better than I do:

Wismar is a port and Hanseatic city  on the Baltic Sea.  The population was 42,219 in 2013. A unique representative of the Hanseatic League city type, with its Brick Gothic constructions and many patrician gable houses, Wismar has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 2002, together with the historical core of Stralsund.

Under the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 Wismar passed into the possession of Sweden […] In 1903 Sweden finally renounced its claims on the town. Wismar still retains a few relics of its old privileges, including the right to fly its own flag.

Again we walked a lot… in the end it were more than 12.000 steps (!), but I didn’t feel nearly as exhausted, thank God.

Here are some photos:

Dampf-Wasch- und Plättanstalt would literally translate to Steaming- Washing- and Ironing-Institution. So I guess, there was a laundry in here in the olden days. What a beautiful old-fashioned name…


This beautiful wooden ceiling can be found in the Heiligen-Geist-Kirche (Holy-Ghost-Church).


A space for children to play? Never saw that in a church before.IMG_5811

Help yourself with coffee, tea, self-baked cookies and water. 1 Euro for the water. How nice. Haven’t seen that in a church before either. Fact is: they need donations for the renovation. They offered photos and other little pieces of art, too. They came up with quite some things to collect money, not just a simple box with a “please donate” sign (which was there too, though). I’ve seen more richly decorated and more gorgeous churches, but I found really charming what they tried to do. And so I bought water and donated a Euro on top of it.IMG_5813


Green alley

At the old harbour.IMG_5923

The city will host its annual Sweden fest this upcoming weekend. A lot of preparation was going on, including a carnival at he harbor. No, we won’t go back to attend festivities. Too many people 😉IMG_5924

I could post a billion pics of the most gorgeous archtiecture and beautiful houses and buildings. .. Love that style soooo much!IMG_5925IMG_5926IMG_5927IMG_5928

This is the Nikolaikirche (church St. Nicholas). Lets go inside…IMG_5929


The church is very big and also very high – 37 m | 121 ft – only the Cologne Cathedral is higher – which makes it one of the biggest churchest in Central Europe.IMG_5931IMG_5932IMG_5933

While I love to edit photos and add filters, this here is pure. Look at that blue sky!!! And of course the beautiful house. There’s a pharmacy inside.IMG_5934

We ate at Steaks & More, a very nice restaurant! I had a salad with fillet tips, S grilled turkey steak with salad. Both was to die for. The service was excellent. Highly recommended!IMG_5935

We ended the day at the pier in the quarter of Bad Wendorf and watched some sailboats. IMG_5936IMG_5937

We’ll be back!






3 thoughts on “August 17

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Aaaand here I am back on the laptop to study the pictures in greater detail.

    I love the Dampf-Wasch- und Plättanstalt building!!!!

    I love the ceiling in the Heiligen-Geist-Kirche !!!!

    Looooove the green alley

    I would’ve laid down on my back in the tall church and looked up at the ceiling.

    That sky is truly a beautiful blue and I want to learn the name of the architectural style of the building in that picture. Looks like it was made with a cookie cutter or something. I love that style! I found out it’s called “crow-stepped gable”. They didn’t have tall ladders or cranes back then so it was an easy way to get to the roof or to clean the chimney! The overall style is called Northern German Brick Gothic (Backsteingotik). Love it.

    Food looks yummy. I love steak. All steak. Gimme steak.


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Yep. Backsteingotik. And the “crow-stepped-gable”. That’s the typical type of architecture from up there at the coast, be it the North or the East. I love love love it up there. I will never get why all the tourists love Bavaria so much. I mean… I kinda do, but they should also visit the North and the East, and not just those hillbillies in the South.

    Actually, I’ve gotta say that the East… the former GDR region… has SO MUCH to offer… it’s incredible. Some say it’s secretly the most beautiful part of Germany. It’s hard to argue with them….

    So… maybe it’s good that all the tourists flock Munich and buy beer steins and cuckoo clocks and visit the idiotic Oktoberfest. Makes the rest of what’s beautiful not so crowded 😉
    (sorry… I’m kidding! I’m of course happy for every tourist who shows interest in whatever this country has to offer!!)



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