August 2

“In Ducks We Trust”

What’s to do on a lazy rainy Tuesday morning when you don’t have to go to work? Right: you visit a museum. Actually we had bought the tickets already shortly before a certain heart messed up, but since they were valid till October, there was, thankfully, no hurry.

Today seemed like a good day and so we went. To the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann/Germany that is. Along with their regular permanent exhibition about everything surrounding the species and the area where the first one was found, they have often special exhibitions.

From April to October 2016 the museum presents the so called “Duckomenta”.

(from their website – which is in German, English and French:)
The DUCKOMENTA has entertained visitors as few art exhibition have, with anatid (duck-like) images on international tours of museums in countless towns and cities. More than 1.5 million people have already viewed this unusual exhibition. 

Visitors to the exhibition learn about a mysterious tribe of ducks known as the interDucks who once lived very public lives in a society parallel to that of mankind. Most of these paintings and sculptures are very life-like: it would be all too easy to believe that these works of art came from another universe. The DUCKOMENTA spans human history, from the period when the earliest human artefacts were made into the vastness of space.

The artists who make up interDuck understand their work as a combination of conceptual art and Pop. The name of the show, DUCKOMENTA prominently features the word “duck”. The “o” in the middle relays viewers’ amazement when they behold the show. “MENTA” refers to the word “document”, alluding to authentic evidence… 

The exhibits are created with much love and detail to the original pieces of art or the real persons behind it.

Empress Elisabeth (“Sissi”) from Austria (click here to see the original painting)

The Trojan Duck


The famous Leonardo daVinci portrait


Even the most famous painting in the world wasn’t spared 😉

There were tons more and we loved every single piece of art. So well done!

After that we went to the RRZ in Mülheim… for no special reason really. Some strolling, some eating… maybe later a movie. We spent quite some time in the Thalia book shop. Does it ever get old spending time in book shops? How, if you’re an avid reader, can you not? Even if I end up downloading from iBooks later (and I hate that this is so comfortable to read a book on a device), I love to get my inspiration in a book shop.

I looked for a book that I had heard about online a few days earlier. They didn’t have it but offered to order it. I declined for now. Maybe I would end up reading the ebook after all, I wasn’t so sure. But a few minutes later, the sales person came back to me with another book, a recommendation from the shop people. She told me a bit about it and why she and her colleagues loved it so much. I said I would think about it, but then later decided to buy it. The last time, the staff of a Thalia shop had recommended a book to me was “Der Pfau” (wrote about it some weeks ago) and it tunred out to be one of the best books I’ve read in a while, so…

I love to get book recommendations. I love to get inspirations in book shops. I love book shops.

And thinking about it: is avoiding buying books from Amazon but then downloading books from iBooks not the same? I should start downloading my ebooks from Thalia or one of the regular book shops. They need all the support they cn get.

We ended up at Maredo for steak and salad and decided that we’d see no movie today.


3 thoughts on “August 2

    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      Whaaaaaat???? The duck stuff is not your cup of tea????? OMG how’s that even possible!!! LOL. S and I love it sooo much and so far, everyone knows about it, finds it very funny and well made, too. OMG bummer! Thank God I haven’t sent the three postcards yet then, I bought there for you. Money wasted on the cards, but at least not on postage and your time :-D.



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