August 7


That’s where we spent a few hours today. S has been here with her dad before and rcommended it as a nice walking area. She was right. We walked for over an hour on that warm and sunny day, interrupted by 30 minutes in the shade with a cold soda in a beer garden.

I was thrilled to see a deer! Don’t remember ever seeing one while out for a walk or in the woods. Only see them at the zoo. Too bad I didn’t bring the SLR and zoom lens. Zooming with the iPhone is good for nothing.

Back in the day there was a youth hostel in that building below. When S’s dad was a kid he spent the summer holidays here. At that time it was considered ‘far away from home’. Today it’s less than 30 minutes by car and no one thinks about such distances anymore. It’s not a youth hostel anymore (I think).

Wetlands of he river Ruhr


black elderimg_5490


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